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Bernie Sanders to push for government-funded healthcare and abolition of private insurance

Hmm, this has worked out so well before.  Please explain how this is going to work.  What happens when you run out of “Other People’s Money?”  I wish that critical thinking wasn’t dead.

Senator Bernie Sanders is relaunching his push for a government-funded healthcare system, but the move could further divide Democrats on a key issue as the party seeks to regain its footing at the state and national levels. While defending Obamacare – which Republicans unsuccessfully tried to dismantle in July – the Vermont independent who caucuses with the Democrats declared that […]

Dollars, not ideas, decide who runs for office in Michigan

Yes, this is true in Michigan but it is true all over.  Money and the resulting power is what makes the world go ’round.  The more a person gives of their own money shows “commitment.” The greater the amount of money that is raised shows the “support” of others. If a campaign doesn’t have money it doesn’t have support and/or commitment.  That doesn’t however mean it can’t win.  Case in point:  Compare the amount of money (hard and soft) spent by the Clinton and Trump campaigns in 2016.

Can money buy an election? The answer is yes, but it isn’t a lock.

Kiva Detroit helps connect small business owners in the city with potential lenders If you follow state politics, you know that a number of candidates have been running for governor for months. Gretchen Whitmer and Abdul El-Sayed have each raised more than $1 million. Shri Thanedar, a previously unknown businessman, has dumped more than $3 million into his campaign for the Democratic nomination. Michigan […]

Michigan to face $2B budget squeeze in general fund

Wondering how much this may impact Lt. Gov. Calley’s run for governor.  Further, the chickens come home to roost at end of term limited Synder.

Lansing, Mich. — Tax cuts, increased road construction, past economic development incentives and other factors will combine to reduce or divert state revenue by $2 billion annually in just over four years — the equivalent of 20 percent of Michigan’s general fund account. That’s a key takeaway from a report issued this past week by the nonpartisan Citizens Research Council of Michigan.

Spending pressures

Beginning this year, the state is covering a small share of the cost to expand Medicaid insurance coverage to 660,000 low-income adults under the federal health care law. Within three years, $220 million will need to come from the general fund. If the expansion ends, Michigan still could face other costs because the federal expansion funding has been covering mental health and prisoner health care. The Citizens Research Council also notes uncertainty over how much the state could pay to help municipalities better provide legal representative to poor criminal defendants.