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Fed likely to begin reversing crisis-era stimulus next month, meeting notes suggest

Honestly, we’re not betting on this one.  And even if so, 25 basis points is not significant.  (Except what it will cost regarding government debt service.)

Federal Reserve officials are prepared to begin reversing the central bank’s major crisis-era stimulus measures next month, notes from their July meeting published Wednesday suggest. At the July 25-26 meeting, several Fed members were prepared to begin shrinking the central bank’s balance sheet, the new minutes from the meeting revealed. Most preferred to defer the decision until a later meeting. While the group was […]

Federal Reserve Chair Photo Bomber Generates Over $15k

An “A” for creativity.  But what we really like is the attention given to the subject. An honest “currency” that can’t be manipulated by any government – well at least yet.

Bitcoin Photo Bomber Generates Over $15k in Donations The bitcoin photo bomber that recently appeared waving a big note reading ‘buy bitcoin’ behind US Federal Reserve Board Chairwoman, Janet Yellen, has raised more than […]

The man, who is colloquially known as ‘Bitcoin Sign Guy’ online, has since been spotted outside of Coin Center holding a sign encouraging individuals to donate to the nonprofit cryptocurrency research and advocacy group. Bitcoin Sign Guy has been offered over 2.5 bitcoins for a notepad on which ‘donate to coin center’ was scrawled, which has been auctioned online. There is also clothing merchandise celebrating the event available for purchase, and some twitter followers have asked to purchase his tie.

Federal Reserve Chair Photo Bomber Generates Over $15k

Bill Gross compares Fed policy to an umpire who died on the field

A note from Bill Gross, portfolio manager at Janus Henderson, would hardly be complete without a wild anecdote. His July investment outlook published on Thursday was no different. Gross again criticized the Federal Reserve’s decisions to recover the economy from the Great Recession. This time, he compared the Fed’s bond-buying program to John McSherry, a Major League Baseball umpire who suffered […]