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Bernie Sanders to push for government-funded healthcare and abolition of private insurance

Hmm, this has worked out so well before.  Please explain how this is going to work.  What happens when you run out of “Other People’s Money?”  I wish that critical thinking wasn’t dead.

Senator Bernie Sanders is relaunching his push for a government-funded healthcare system, but the move could further divide Democrats on a key issue as the party seeks to regain its footing at the state and national levels. While defending Obamacare – which Republicans unsuccessfully tried to dismantle in July – the Vermont independent who caucuses with the Democrats declared that […]

US Dollar at Risk of Falling Further in Late Summer as Political Risks Mount

The Dollar is at risk of weakening during the late summer as US political and geopolitical risks ratchet up, says Bank of America’s FX strategist David Woo. Not only the Dollar but other so-called risky assets like equities and emerging market asset, could also suffer, as political standoffs dominate politics in the US and geopolitics in a Korea-China-US relationship triangle. The market is not […]